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Physical Therapy in Jenkins County

At Jenkins County Medical Center, we understand the importance and benefits a physical therapy program can provide our patients. When you or a loved one experiences an injury that may or may not require surgery, the recovery process can be complicated at any age. That is why our physical therapists prioritize our patients’ care with customized physical therapy treatment programs.

Our physical therapists are trained to be able to provide exercises and guidance for those patients who are working through their recovery journey. Jenkins County Medical Center offers both inpatient and outpatient physical therapy programs to those residents in and around Jenkins County who are in need of this type of rehabilitation.

What Does Physical Therapy Entail at JCMC?

Our Physical Therapy program focuses on providing our patients with customized exercises and evidence-based techniques to help them rehabilitate as quickly and safely as possible. These exercises can aid our patients’ ability to regain mobility, decrease pain, and improve their quality of life. Our therapy team takes the time to learn about our patients and their rehab journey goals. With this knowledge, our providers will share their treatment and care plan to help our patients achieve their goals.

We are equipped to provide rehabilitation services to patients who have suffered from a variety of injuries or illnesses, such as, post-stroke, post-surgery, orthopedics, neurological disorders, and pain.
When Would Physical Therapy Be Needed?
There are many reasons why someone would need to participate in physical therapy. Whether you or a loved one has recently had surgery, has chronic pain, or needs improved range of motion or overall mobility, our team of qualified therapists can create a personalized rehabilitation plan to achieve the quality of life our patients desire.

Some ailments that may require physical therapy are:



Chronic Pain conditions

Movement Dysfunction

Sports-related injuries

Balance deficits to prevent falls and injury

Prosthetic limb training

Who Can Benefit From Physical Therapy Services?

If you or a loved one has experienced a fall, stroke, chronic pain, or other ailment, our qualified physical therapists and their team can create a rehabilitation plan to help patients get back up on their feet as quickly as possible. Our team’s top priority is working with patients to achieve a higher quality of life post-illness or injury.

In our facility, physical therapy is available for adult patients who are participating in our Swing Bed program. Having direct access to inpatient physical therapy, our swing bed patients will drastically benefit from our providers working together to improve their condition together.

Our physical therapists also provide outpatient physical therapy appointments, which are available after discharge. Through offering both inpatient and outpatient physical therapy services, our highly trained staff are able to provide quality care that assists with improving function during and after your hospital stay.

Jenkins County Medical Center Should Be Your Top Choice for Physical Therapy Near You

At Jenkins County Medical Center, your clinical experience matters. Contact Jenkins County Medical Center today so that our team of board-certified physical therapists can help you establish a physical therapy treatment plan customized to meet your needs. Our physical therapists work towards our patients’ goals of helping them gain the quality of life they had prior to their injury or illness.

In addition to gaining back independence, our therapists will guide our patients toward the long-term health benefits that physical therapy can offer. We work closely with our patients and their support system to help provide education. We want our patients to have the information needed to heal and succeed. Jenkins County Medical Center is available to help those individuals in need of high-quality physical therapy in and around Jenkins County.

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