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Occupational Therapy in Jenkins County

Our occupational therapy (OT) services at Jenkins County Medical Center focuses on providing care for patients who need help developing their fine motor skills, physical life skills, and those who need help with their daily tasks. Many of our patients struggle with dressing, bathing, or eating independently as a result of a previous medical condition.

Occupational therapy is extremely personalized, depending on what each patient needs. That is why our therapy professionals develop a care and treatment plan to help create a pathway for our patients looking to find the best quality of life.

Due to the inability to achieve the necessary daily tasks, many of our patients are unable to live independently. A common goal our patients have is to gain that independence back, which makes it our therapy team’s goal as well.


What is Occupational Therapy?

The occupational therapy program (OT program) at Jenkins County Medical Center is a personalized rehabilitation service for those patients who need assistance completing daily activities. Our highly qualified therapists are trained to create individualized exercises for our patients to ensure they receive the best care both during and after their hospital stay.

There are several benefits to finding personalized OT therapy near you. Whether you are recovering from an illness or injury, or even post-surgery, having an Occupational Therapist on your medical team helps our patients recover quicker. With a team close by, our patients are sure to receive the best care possible, while staying close to home. Our medical professionals can provide our patients with guidance through their rehabilitation journey, and help them achieve their designated health goals.


Who Can Benefit From Occupational Therapy

At Jenkins County Medical Center, our occupational therapists work with a variety of patients in our facility. This can include patients in our swing bed program, post-surgery, and patients who have experienced neurological disorders such as strokes or traumatic brain injuries (TBI) who need outpatient OT. Even our inpatients who are recovering from chronic illness or injury can also benefit from occupational therapy.


What is included in Our Occupational Therapy Program

At Jenkins County Medical Center, our occupational therapists create care plans for patients both in, and out of our facility. Our therapists provide our patients with skills that will last them throughout their rehabilitation journey, and beyond.

Our occupational therapy patients can expect to receive well-rounded care and treatment plans that focus on developing specific skills that individual patients require. Our therapists will guide and educate all of our patients throughout their time in our facility. This is one way for them to leave our hospital and continue to get stronger after being discharged.

Occupational therapy inpatients will also be able to bring home special equipment to make living back in their space, a lot easier. Some of our equipment will help make transitioning patients who decide to return to their homes feel more prepared for the additional independence.

Having OT support in addition to other forms of medical treatment can ensure your body is getting the rehabilitation it needs to be healthy. As an inpatient in our facility, you may be a geriatric patient who is also in the Swing bed program or a young adult who went through surgery and is also in physical therapy (PT). Having access to OT care while receiving additional care, can be the best environment to heal and recover quickly.


Why Should JCMC Be Your Choice for OT?

Jenkins County Medical Center cares about the locals and individuals in surrounding areas. We strive to provide the best care and treatment plans for our patients and their families. Our therapists’ goal is to give our patients the tools, exercises, and continuing education to help them feel comfortable achieving their everyday activities, independently.

When you or a loved one needs personalized occupational therapy near Millen, Jenkins County Medical Center can provide you with the exceptional care you are searching for. We understand that in rural Georgia, it may be difficult to find reliable medical professionals who can aid you in your rehabilitation journey. That is why our team at Jenkins County Medical Center has created an OT therapy program that focuses on aiding our patients with daily living, helping them gain a better quality of life as they age

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