Georgia Heart Hospital Program

Millen, GA | March 8, 2022 – Jenkins County Medical Center (JCMC) is proud to be a part of the Georgia HEART Rural Hospital Tax Credit program, one of 55 recipient hospitals in the state of Georgia.

Georgia HEART Hospital Program allows Georgia taxpayers to receive a state income tax credit for 100% of the amount they contribute to hospitals like JCMC. By donating to JCMC through HEART, taxpayers can transform their next tax payment into a life-changing and life-saving investment for the people of Jenkins and surrounding counties.

“What a great benefit to have your tax dollars impacting the quality of healthcare in your own community,” said Antoine Poythress, CEO of Jenkins County Medical Center. “Once funds are received, we plan to upgrade equipment and improve patient rooms and clinic facility layout to enhance the patient experience.”

Poythress continued to state the planned improvements at JCMC will include:

  • Revamp the patient rooms for a better patient experience
  • Purchase a new CT machine
  • Purchase new OP therapy equipment
  • Purchase new patient lift devices
  • Upgrade monitors and pumps in the ED to improve patient services
  • Enhance video monitoring equipment to improve patient and employee safety
  • Build a new Specialty Physician/OP Therapy Clinic to improve access in the county
  • Educate and provide access to indigent or underserve areas of the county via a community base/mobile health care clinic

The HEART program has been an integral part of rural healthcare in Georgia since 2017. individuals and businesses from around Georgia are investing in rural healthcare to improve access to medical services and enhance overall care for thousands. These investments have helped hospitals remain open, update equipment and facilities, and attract more doctors and nurses.

For 2022 there is a brand-new benefit for pass-through for entities and corporations, allowing a SALT (state & local income tax) limit workaround, coupled with a more generous HEART tax credit opportunity during the first six months of the year, per Georgia HB 149. For more information visit

To learn more or to sign up to contribute for your 100% state income tax credit visit